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Website Development & Rebranding Obstbau Aichinger

Obstbau Aichinger, a long-standing apple producer and fruit merchant, entrusted our agency with the task of rebranding their business and redesigning their website. Seeking to enhance their online presence and showcase their premium produce, Obstbau Aichinger sought our expertise in creating a captivating brand identity and developing a visually appealing, user-friendly website.


1. Brand Identity Transformation

Our agency worked closely with Obstbau Aichinger to develop a new brand identity that accurately represented their commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the delivery of fresh, high-quality apples and vegetables.

2. Visual Appeal Enhancement

Our design team crafted a visually stunning website that effectively captured visitors' attention, aligned with the new brand identity, and showcased the freshness and quality of Obstbau Aichinger's products.

3. Improved User Experience

We optimized the website's navigation, functionality, and overall user experience to ensure seamless exploration of product offerings, easy ordering, and effortless interactions.

4. Streamlined Information Delivery

Our team developed a platform where Obstbau Aichinger could effectively communicate their farming practices, sustainability initiatives, product variety, and delivery options, engaging and educating their target audience.


1. Brand Exploration

Through extensive research and collaboration with Obstbau Aichinger, we gained valuable insights into their values, target audience, and industry landscape. This informed the development of a brand strategy that positioned them as a trusted provider of premium produce while highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

2. Logo and Visual Identity

Our agency created an updated logo for Obstbau Aichinger, incorporating elements representing their product to symbolize their diverse product range. We carefully selected a color palette that reflected their sustainable farming practices and evoked a sense of freshness and nature. Explore the features of ledger live, your comprehensive platform for secure and efficient cryptocurrency management.

3. Website Design

Our design team crafted a visually appealing and intuitive website interface, featuring high-quality imagery showcasing the farm, orchards, and fresh produce. We optimized the layout for seamless navigation, ensuring visitors could easily explore product categories and access detailed information.

4. Content Development

Collaborating closely with Obstbau Aichinger, our agency developed engaging and informative content that effectively conveyed their brand story, highlighted their expertise, and emphasized their dedication to quality and sustainability.

5. E-commerce Integration

To streamline the ordering process, we seamlessly integrated the ordering and delivery automation system into the website, allowing customers to browse products, select delivery locations, and make secure online purchases directly from the platform.


The rebranding and website redesign project for Obstbau Aichinger resulted in the following achievements:

1. Elevated Brand Image

The new brand identity effectively positioned Obstbau Aichinger as a reputable provider of premium apples and vegetables, capturing the attention and trust of their target audience.

2. Enhanced User Experience

The redesigned website provided an intuitive browsing experience, enabling visitors to explore Obstbau Aichinger's extensive product range, access detailed information, and easily place orders, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

3. Increased Online Visibility

The visually appealing design, combined with effective search engine optimization strategies, improved Obstbau Aichinger's online visibility, attracting a wider audience and driving organic traffic to the website.

4. Improved Sales and Customer Engagement

The seamless e-commerce integration facilitated effortless transactions, resulting in a significant increase in online sales. Furthermore, the website's engaging content and user-friendly interface fostered customer loyalty and interaction.


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