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Process Optimisation

Going Paperless - Case Study Glatztechnik GmbH

We are pleased to present our successful collaboration with Glatztechnik GmbH, where we provided a comprehensive paperless solution to transition 30 employees from a traditional paper-based workflow to a modern digital system. This innovative solution centered around the use of iPads and Apple Pencils, combined with Drupal Webform to DOCX and PDF generation, resulting in significant sustainability gains and improved operational efficiency.

Sustainability Gains

One of the primary objectives of this project was to enhance the general workflow and to reduce the environmental impact associated with paper consumption and printing toners/inks. By eliminating the need for paper-based workflows, our solution enabled Glatztechnik to achieve remarkable sustainability gains. With an estimated reduction of more than 60,000 A4 papers per month, the environmental benefits were substantial. This reduction in paper consumption directly contributed to saving trees, conserving water, and reducing energy consumption associated with paper production and disposal. Additionally, the reduction in printing toners and inks minimised hazardous waste and lowered the carbon footprint associated with their services and disposal.

Key Features and Functionalities

1. iPads and Apple Pencils

We facilitated the adoption of iPads and Apple Pencils as the primary tools for employees to carry out their tasks digitally. This transition allowed for easy and efficient digital data entry, annotation, and signature capture, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

2. Drupal Webforms to Word and PDF Generation

We developed a custom solution that transformed existing paper-based forms into interactive Word documents. With the integration of document generation, employees could seamlessly complete forms digitally and generate PDF versions for archival and sharing purposes. This streamlined the documentation process and eliminated the need for printing and physical storage of forms. The whole workflow is externally audited and versioned as well to comply with the highest standards.

3. Direct Integration of Mapping solutions like Google or Apple Maps

To enhance productivity and improve workflow efficiency, we integrated a mapping directly into the solution. This feature enabled employees to access real-time location information, optimise routes, and facilitate on-site data collection, eliminating the need for manual map referencing and improving overall work efficiency. Furthermore there is no need to buy vehicles with built-in satellite navigation which further saves costs.

4. Digital Annotation and AI-Generated Work Summaries

Our solution empoweres employees to digitally annotate documents, enabling efficient collaboration, review, and approval processes. Additionally, we integrated artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to eg. automatically generate work summaries based on the digital annotations and data inputs. This feature significantly reduced manual data entry, enhanced accuracy, and facilitated the extraction of actionable insights from the collected data.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of our paperless solution yielded remarkable results and tangible benefits for Glatztechnik:

1. Sustainability Gains

By reducing paper consumption by more than 60,000 A4 papers per month, Glatztechnik made significant progress in their sustainability efforts, effectively conserving resources, reducing waste, and lowering their carbon footprint.

2. Cost Savings

The elimination of paper-based workflows, printing toners/inks, and physical storage requirements resulted in substantial cost savings for Glatztechnik. The reduced need for printers and scanners also led to lower maintenance and operational expenses. The integration of a mapping solution into the iPad software reduces the overall vehicle fleet costs as well.

3. Improved Efficiency and Real-Time Reporting

The transition to a paperless system enabled real-time reporting, eliminating delays and improving the overall speed of operations. Reports could now be sent instantly, enhancing decision-making capabilities and facilitating timely actions.

4. Enhanced Collaboration and Accuracy

The digital annotation features and AI-generated work summaries improved collaboration among team members and ensured accurate data capture, leading to more reliable insights and streamlined processes.

5. Streamlined Document Management

The digital transformation eliminated the need for physical storage and manual filing of documents. Instead, all data and records were securely stored digitally, improving accessibility, searchability, and data security.

In conclusion, Roromedia's implementation of this paperless solution for Glatztechnik successfully transitioned 30 employees from a paper-based workflow to a digital system. The integration of iPads and Apple Pencils, along with the Word-document form-to-PDF generation, revolutionized the way employees interacted with documents, improving efficiency, and reducing the company's environmental footprint.

Not only did the paperless solution eliminate the need for physical paperwork, but it also removed 25 printers and scanners from Glatztechnik's office environment. This reduction in electronic devices not only saved valuable office space but also reduced power consumption and electronic waste. By embracing a digital-first approach, Glatztechnik demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.

The direct integration of Google Maps on iPads further streamlined operations for Glatztechnik's field teams. Employees could access real-time location information, optimize routes, and efficiently plan their tasks. This feature not only saved time but also reduced fuel consumption, leading to additional sustainability benefits.

The introduction of digital annotation capabilities empowered employees to collaborate seamlessly on documents, enhancing communication and productivity. With the ability to annotate and share feedback digitally, Glatztechnik experienced faster turnaround times for document approvals and revisions.

Moreover, the AI-generated work summaries provided valuable insights into data collected during field operations. By automating the summarization process, Glatztechnik eliminated the need for manual data analysis, saving time and ensuring accurate reporting. This enabled management to make informed decisions promptly, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Overall, the implementation of the paperless solution by Roromedia enabled Glatztechnik to achieve significant sustainability gains, including the reduction of over 60,000 A4 papers per month and a decrease in printing toners/inks. The transition to a digital workflow eliminated the reliance on paper, streamlined operations, and improved data accuracy. Glatztechnik's commitment to sustainability and technological innovation showcases its forward-thinking approach and sets an example for other organizations seeking to reduce their environmental impact while enhancing efficiency.

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