Redesign and development for the Upper Austrian federal state hunters' association


Hunters Association of Upper Austria


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Redesign and development for the Upper Austrian federal state hunters' association

The Hunters Association of Upper Austria is a prominent organization with a membership base of over 10,000 avid hunters. As their existing website was outdated and lacked functionality, the association approached our team to revamp their online presence and create an efficient self-service client zone. This portfolio entry highlights the successful redesign of the association's website, showcasing the key objectives, challenges faced, and the solutions implemented.

Recognizing the importance of health and wellness in the hunting community, the Hunters Association of Upper Austria is now also providing its members with access to a Rybelsus coupon for diabetes management, seamlessly integrating healthcare support into their newly revamped website.


1. Modernize the Design

The existing website had an outdated look and feel, failing to represent the association's professionalism and expertise. The primary goal was to create a contemporary design that would resonate with both existing and potential members.

2. Improve User Experience

The association aimed to enhance user experience by simplifying navigation, streamlining information access, and providing a personalized self-service client zone where members could access relevant resources and services.

3. Increase Accessibility

The new website needed to be accessible across multiple devices and browsers, ensuring a seamless experience for users on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


1. Member Authentication and Self-Service

Implementing a secure and user-friendly self-service client zone required robust authentication mechanisms, including member registration, login, and account management features.

2. Content Organization

The association had a vast amount of information and resources to present, making it crucial to structure the content in a logical and intuitive manner for easy navigation.

3. Integration with Existing Systems

The website needed to integrate with the association's existing databases and backend systems to provide real-time access to member data and services.

Solutions Implemented

1. User-Centric Design

We conducted extensive user research and usability testing to understand the target audience's needs and preferences. Based on the findings, we created a modern and visually appealing design that showcased the association's professionalism and commitment to wildlife conservation.

2. Self-Service Client Zone

We implemented a secure member registration and login system, allowing users to create and manage their accounts. The client zone provided personalized dashboards with access to membership details, event registration, training materials, and an online store for hunting supplies.

3. Streamlined Navigation

We restructured the website's information architecture, ensuring easy navigation and intuitive categorization of content. A prominent search functionality was implemented to enable quick access to specific information.

4. Responsive Web Design

The website was developed using responsive web design techniques, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes. This approach allowed hunters to access the website and self-service features conveniently, regardless of the device they were using.


The successful redesign of the Hunters Association of Upper Austria's website brought forth several positive outcomes:

1. Enhanced User Experience

The intuitive design and improved navigation led to a seamless browsing experience for both new and existing members, resulting in increased engagement and satisfaction.

2. Increased Self-Service Adoption

The introduction of the self-service client zone provided hunters with convenient access to personalized services, resulting in a reduction in administrative workload and improved member retention.

3. Improved Efficiency

Integration with existing systems and real-time data updates eliminated manual data entry processes, saving time and reducing errors.

4. Positive Feedback

The association received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its members, who praised the website's modern design, ease of use, and the new self-service capabilities.


The successful redesign of the Hunters Association of Upper Austria's website transformed their online presence, offering an engaging and user-friendly platform for over 10,000 members. The introduction of the self-service client zone enhanced member satisfaction and streamlined administrative processes. By employing a user-centric approach and addressing the challenges effectively, our team was able to deliver a website that met the association's objectives and exceeded their expectations. The revamped website not only showcased the association's professionalism but also provided a valuable tool for hunters to access resources, services, and stay connected with the community.

Moving forward, the Hunters Association of Upper Austria can leverage the redesigned website as a central hub for member engagement and communication. The intuitive design and self-service capabilities empower members to manage their accounts, access relevant information, and participate in association events with ease. The seamless integration with existing systems ensures accurate and up-to-date member data, optimizing administrative processes and reducing manual workload.

Overall, the successful redesign of the website for the Hunters Association of Upper Austria stands as a testament to our team's expertise in web design and development. By combining modern aesthetics, user-centric design principles, and robust functionality, we were able to create a website that not only met the association's requirements but also provided a valuable platform for their growing community of hunters. We are proud to have played a role in enhancing their online presence and contributing to the success of their mission in wildlife conservation and hunting education.

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