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TU Wien

Our agency had the privilege of collaborating with TU Wien, one of Austria's leading technical universities, in developing a powerful web platform. This portfolio entry showcases our successful partnership in creating a comprehensive room data management system that includes a database capturing data for over 10,000 rooms. Additionally, the platform enables users to capture data via tablets in the rooms and create efficient workflows based on the collected information.

Room Data Management

Understanding the complexity of managing a vast number of rooms, we developed a robust room database within the web platform. This database captures detailed information about each room, including location, size, equipment, occupancy, and other relevant attributes. The system provides a user-friendly interface for administrators to manage and update room data efficiently, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for users.

Tablet Data Capture

To streamline data collection within the rooms, we implemented tablet data capture functionality. Using tablets equipped with the web platform, users can easily enter and update room data directly in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork and reduces data entry errors. The tablet data capture feature enhances the efficiency and accuracy of room data management, benefiting both administrators and users.

Workflow Creation

Recognizing the need for efficient processes based on room data, we incorporated workflow creation capabilities into the web platform. Users can define and customize workflows based on the captured room data. This allows for seamless coordination of activities such as maintenance requests, scheduling, room assignments, and other administrative tasks. The flexible workflow creation feature empowers users to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Results and Impact

The web platform developed for TU Wien has had a significant impact on room data management and workflow efficiency. The comprehensive room database provides a centralized and accurate source of information for all university rooms, simplifying administrative processes. The tablet data capture feature enables real-time updates, reducing paperwork and improving data accuracy. The workflow creation capabilities have streamlined administrative tasks and enhanced productivity across various departments, benefiting the university as a whole.

Our collaboration with TU Wien in developing the web platform for room data management and workflow creation has transformed the way the university handles room-related processes. By implementing a robust room database, tablet data capture functionality, and flexible workflow creation capabilities, we have provided TU Wien with an efficient and user-friendly solution. We take pride in our contribution to enhancing the administrative efficiency of TU Wien and facilitating a seamless room management experience for staff and students.

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