Redesigning NewsBase - Empowering Artists to Discover Open Calls with Ease


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Redesigning NewsBase - Empowering Artists to Discover Open Calls with Ease

We had the privilege of collaborating with Fiftitu%, a leading grant platform dedicated to connecting artists with open calls. Their goal is to create a seamless and user-friendly platform that enables artists to easily find and apply for grant opportunities. Our objective was to redesign the platform, incorporating interactive features like a map to visualize open calls and alsointroducing "Clippy," a personal assistant, to provide personalized reminders for closing calls.

User Research and Insights

To better understand the needs and pain points of artists, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the legacy platform and data. This research provided valuable insights into artists' preferences, challenges, and aspirations, allowing us to tailor the redesign to meet their specific requirements.

Redesign Strategy

Our strategy focused on improving accessibility and user engagement for artists. We aimed to create a visually captivating and intuitive platform that would empower artists to navigate the grant landscape effortlessly, discover new opportunities, and never miss important deadlines.

Interactive Map Feature

We introduced an interactive map feature on the NewsBase platform, revolutionizing the way artists could explore open calls. This interactive map allowed artists to visually pinpoint the locations of grant opportunities, providing a clear overview of the geographical distribution of calls. By simply selecting a location on the map, artists could explore relevant grants in their preferred areas, expanding their opportunities and fostering a sense of connection to local artistic communities.

Captivating Imagery

Recognizing the power of visuals in capturing artistic expression, the redesigned NewsBase platform showcased high-quality imagery. We curated captivating visuals that showcased artworks, previous grant recipients, and artistic events. These captivating images created an immersive experience, inspiring artists and sparking their creativity while navigating the platform.

Introducing "Clippy" - Your Personal Assistant

To ensure artists never missed an important deadline, we introduced "Clippy," a personal assistant seamlessly integrated into the NewsBase platform. Clippy proactively sent personalized reminders about closing calls, helping artists stay organized and informed. Clippy also provided tailored recommendations based on artists' interests and previous applications, enabling artists to discover new and relevant grant opportunities.

Results and Impact

The redesign of NewsBase achieved remarkable results, transforming the way artists discovered and applied for open calls:

1. Enhanced Accessibility

The interactive map feature provided artists with an intuitive and efficient way to explore grant opportunities based on location, breaking down geographical barriers and making the process more accessible.

2. Increased User Engagement

The captivating imagery and personalized assistance from Clippy fostered greater user engagement. Artists felt connected to the platform, exploring opportunities, receiving timely reminders about closing calls, and actively participating in the grant application process.

3. Streamlined Grant Application Process

The redesigned NewsBase platform simplified the application process, allowing artists to focus on their artistic vision. Clippy's personalized recommendations facilitated the discovery of relevant opportunities aligned with artists' interests, streamlining the grant application journey.

4. Community Building

The platform is a thriving community for artists, facilitating connections and collaborations. The interactive map feature encourages artists to find engagements in the same region to network, share experiences, and support each other's artistic endeavors, fostering a sense of belonging and community.


The redesign of NewsBase successfully empowered artists to discover open calls with ease and efficiency. The integration of an interactive map, captivating imagery, and the personal assistant, Clippy, transformed the user experience, enhancing engagement and streamlining the grant application process. NewsBase emerged as a leader in supporting artists, fostering creativity, and providing opportunities for artistic growth. The redesigned platform positioned NewsBase as the go-to destination for artists, empowering them to explore, apply, and thrive in the world of grant opportunities.

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