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Branding and Development "Dein Warenautomat"

We had the privilege of collaborating with a prominent vending machine service company to develop a brand identity that would effectively represent their business and resonate with their target audience. Our objective was to create a brand that exuded reliability, convenience, and a personalized touch, while differentiating them from competitors in the industry.

Brand Strategy

Our project commenced with extensive market research to gain a deep understanding of the vending machine service industry and the preferences of the target audience. This research served as the foundation for our brand strategy, guiding us in creating a brand identity that would set our client apart and capture the essence of their business.

Brand Identity

We crafted a compelling brand identity that encapsulated the core values and offerings of our client's vending machine service company. The brand name, "Dein Warenautomat," meaning "Your Vending Machine" in German, conveyed a sense of ownership and personalized service. It resonated with the target audience by highlighting the convenience and accessibility of the vending machines.

Logo Design

The logo design was meticulously crafted to reflect the brand's personality and values. We combined a clean and modern typography with a visually appealing icon. The icon featured a simplified representation of a vending machine, symbolizing the core business of "Dein Warenautomat." The use of strong brand imagery added energy and excitement, while maintaining a professional and approachable aesthetic.

Brand Messaging

We developed a captivating brand messaging strategy to communicate the unique value proposition of "Dein Warenautomat." The tagline, "Gönn' dir mal eine Auszeit" meaning "Treat yourself to a break", captured the brand's commitment to providing hassle-free vending machine solutions that allow the owner to take a break while the machine continues to sell their goods. We crafted persuasive copy for their website, marketing materials, and social media platforms, focusing on the convenience, automation, and peace of mind their services offer.

Visual Identity

In addition to the logo design, we created a comprehensive visual identity system for "Dein Warenautomat." This included selecting appropriate fonts, color schemes, and graphic elements that aligned with the brand's personality. We designed templates for various touchpoints, such as business cards, product labels, vending machine interfaces, and promotional materials, ensuring consistency across all brand materials.

Website and Online Presence

We developed a user-friendly and visually captivating website for "Dein Warenautomat," ensuring seamless functionality on desktop and mobile devices. The website showcased their vending machine services, highlighted the automation features, and emphasized the convenience and peace of mind for the machine owners. We incorporated engaging visuals, persuasive content, and intuitive navigation to optimize user experience and drive conversions.


The creation of the "Dein Warenautomat" brand successfully positioned our client as a trusted and customer-centric provider of vending machine services. The brand identity and messaging resonated with the target audience, attracting new customers and fostering loyalty. "Dein Warenautomat" experienced an increase in inquiries and partnerships, leading to substantial business growth and market expansion. The cohesive visual identity and captivating website further enhanced brand recognition and customer engagement.

Our collaboration with the vending machine service company resulted in the successful creation of the "Dein Warenautomat" brand. By developing a unique brand identity, crafting compelling messaging, and designing an engaging website, we helped "Dein Warenautomat" establish a strong market presence and differentiate themselves in the industry. The brand now stands as a symbol of reliability, convenience, and personalized service, supporting our client's growth and success in the vending machine service market. The messaging specifically emphasizes the convenience and peace of mind for the machine owners, highlighting the ability to take a break while the vending machine continues to generate sales.

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