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Online Hydraulics Calculation Tool

ASA Hydraulik, a renowned provider of hydraulic systems and components, partnered with our team to modernize their existing browser-based hydraulic component calculator. The original calculator was developed using Adobe Flash, and with Flash's discontinuation and the need for a more versatile solution, our objective was to migrate the calculator to a modern JavaScript-based platform. Our goal was to ensure that the unique functionality and user-friendly interface of the calculator were preserved during the migration process. This project aimed to provide ASA Hydraulik's customers with an upgraded tool that would enhance their hydraulic component selection process.

Key Objectives

1. Migrate the existing Adobe Flash-based hydraulic component calculator to a modern JavaScript framework.
2. Maintain the unique functionality and user-friendly interface of the calculator during the migration process.
3. Ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness for seamless usage across various devices.
4. Enhance the calculator's performance, speed, and overall user experience.
5. Implement a robust and maintainable codebase to accommodate future updates and improvements.

Migration Process

To successfully migrate the browser-based hydraulic component calculator from Adobe Flash to JavaScript, our team followed a meticulous approach, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to ASA Hydraulik's operations. The process involved the following steps:

1. Analysis and Planning

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing Flash-based calculator, documenting its functionalities, inputs, outputs, and user interactions. This analysis guided our planning for the migration process and the selection of an appropriate JavaScript framework.

2. Design and Architecture

Based on the requirements and desired functionalities, we designed a new user interface (UI) for the calculator to ensure a visually appealing and intuitive experience. We defined the architecture and data flow, ensuring compatibility with the chosen JavaScript framework.

3. Data Migration and Validation

We extracted the necessary data from the Flash-based calculator and converted it into a format compatible with JavaScript. Rigorous validation processes were implemented to ensure accuracy and consistency in the migrated data.

4. JavaScript Development

Leveraging modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries, our team recreated the unique functionalities of the original calculator. We optimized the codebase for improved performance and maintainability, adhering to industry best practices and coding standards.

5. User Interface (UI) Enhancement

While preserving the calculator's existing user-friendly interface, we incorporated modern design elements to ensure responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. The new UI maintained familiarity for existing users while offering an upgraded visual experience.

6. Testing and Quality Assurance

We conducted extensive testing to verify the accuracy, functionality, and compatibility of the calculator across different web browsers and devices. Rigorous quality assurance procedures were implemented to identify and rectify any issues or inconsistencies.


The successful migration of ASA Hydraulik's browser-based hydraulic component calculator from Adobe Flash to a modern JavaScript framework has resulted in significant benefits, enhancing both the user experience and the company's technological infrastructure:

1. Improved Accessibility and Compatibility

The new JavaScript-based calculator is compatible with modern web browsers and mobile devices, ensuring seamless accessibility for a wider range of users.

2. Enhanced User Experience

The upgraded calculator offers a more intuitive and visually appealing interface, improving user engagement and satisfaction. The modern design and improved performance contribute to a seamless user experience.

3. Future-Proof Solution

By migrating the calculator to a modern JavaScript framework, ASA Hydraulik now has a flexible and scalable platform that can be easily updated and adapted to future requirements and technological advancements.

4. Elimination of Flash Dependency

The migration eliminates the reliance on Adobe Flash, ensuring compliance with industry standards and avoiding any potential security vulnerabilities associated with outdated technology.

The successful migration of ASA Hydraulik's unique browser-based hydraulic component calculator from Adobe Flash to a modern JavaScript framework marks a significant milestone in the company's digital transformation. By leveraging the power of JavaScript, we have revitalized ASA Hydraulik's calculator, providing their customers with an upgraded tool that streamlines the hydraulic component selection process.

The migration process involved meticulous planning, careful data migration, and the implementation of a robust codebase. The new JavaScript-based calculator ensures cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, and improved performance, offering a seamless user experience across various devices.

With the elimination of Flash dependency, ASA Hydraulik now has a future-proof solution that aligns with industry standards and facilitates future updates and enhancements. The upgraded calculator enhances user engagement, increases efficiency, and solidifies ASA Hydraulik's position as an innovative leader in the hydraulic systems industry.

We are proud to have partnered with ASA Hydraulik on this project, leveraging our expertise in JavaScript development and web technologies to successfully migrate their unique browser-based hydraulic component calculator. The collaboration resulted in a powerful and user-friendly tool that empowers ASA Hydraulik's customers in their hydraulic component selection and demonstrates the company's commitment to technological advancement.

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