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Habau Group eCommerce Platform

Our design and development team undertook an ambitious project to create a comprehensive and efficient order ecommerce solution for one of the largest construction companies in Austria. The goal was to provide a seamless online platform that could handle multi-tenant capabilities, custom checkout workflows, and integration with backend systems like SAP or other database systems. This portfolio entry showcases the successful execution of this project, highlighting its robust features such as multi-tenant possibilities, custom checkout workflows, API integration with backend systems, regular imports of categories and products, file and image synchronization, customizable products, and various order management functionalities.

Design and User Experience

The design phase focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would streamline the ordering process for employees. Through careful consideration of user journeys and information architecture, we crafted a visually appealing and responsive design that ensured a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The design elements incorporated the construction company's branding, emphasizing clarity, ease of use, and accessibility across devices.

Multi-Tenant Capabilities

To cater to the construction company's needs, the ecommerce solution was designed to support multi-tenant capabilities. This allowed different departments or branches within the company to have their dedicated spaces within the platform, ensuring separate inventories, workflows, and access rights as required. The multi-tenant architecture facilitated efficient management and provided a customized experience for each entity within the organization.

Custom Checkout Workflows and API Integration

We developed custom checkout workflows tailored to the specific requirements of the construction company. These workflows enabled seamless integration with backend systems such as SAP or other database systems, ensuring smooth data flow and real-time updates. The API integration enhanced efficiency by automating processes, minimizing manual entry, and reducing the potential for errors.

Product Catalog Management

The ecommerce solution handled the regular import of categories and products, supporting a vast catalog of over 30,000 products. The system facilitated easy categorization, updating, and management of product information, ensuring accuracy and consistency across the platform. Additionally, the solution provided comprehensive search and filtering capabilities, enabling employees to quickly find the desired products.

File and Image Synchronization

The platform featured robust file and image synchronization capabilities. This allowed for seamless integration of product images, technical documents, and other relevant files. The system ensured that the most up-to-date files and images were readily available to employees, enhancing the overall user experience and aiding informed decision-making.

Customizable Products and Order Management

The ecommerce solution allowed for the customization of products to meet specific project requirements. Employees could configure and personalize products within defined parameters, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to various project needs. The solution also provided comprehensive order management functionalities, enabling employees to place orders, initiate returns, report damages or thefts, print delivery slips with barcodes for efficient tracking, and send orders to different warehouses or external suppliers.

Drupal Commerce

For this comprehensive order ecommerce solution, Drupal Commerce was leveraged as the Content and Commerce Management Framework (CFM). Drupal Commerce provided the robust foundation necessary to handle the complex requirements of the construction company's procurement process. With its flexible architecture, extensive customization capabilities, and seamless integration options, Drupal Commerce proved to be the ideal CFM for this solution.

The modular nature of Drupal Commerce allowed for the seamless integration of multi-tenant capabilities, custom checkout workflows, and API connections to backend systems like SAP or other database systems. The extensive product catalog management features of Drupal Commerce facilitated the regular import of categories and products, supporting the vast array of over 30,000 products within the platform.

Additionally, Drupal Commerce empowered the platform with powerful content management capabilities, enabling the synchronization of files, images, and technical documents associated with each product. The customizable product options within Drupal Commerce facilitated personalized configurations to meet specific project requirements. Elevate your digital security with the streamlined and user-friendly features of ledger live.

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With Drupal Commerce as the CFM, the order ecommerce solution benefitted from a stable and scalable foundation. The flexibility and extensibility of Drupal Commerce ensured that the platform could grow alongside the evolving needs of the construction company.

In summary, Drupal Commerce proved to be the ideal CFM for this comprehensive order ecommerce solution, providing the necessary tools, flexibility, and scalability to successfully execute the project. Its robust features and integration capabilities played a crucial role in delivering a seamless and efficient procurement platform for the construction company.


The design and development of this order ecommerce solution transformed the ordering process for the construction company, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations. The platform's multi-tenant capabilities, custom checkout workflows, API integration with backend systems, extensive product catalog management, file and image synchronization, customizable products, and robust order management functionalities have empowered employees with a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for their procurement needs.

The ecommerce solution's successful implementation has resulted in increased productivity, reduced manual efforts, improved order accuracy, and enhanced supply chain management for the construction company. Employees can now easily order products, manage returns and damages, print delivery slips with barcodes for streamlined tracking, and utilize the platform's multi-faceted capabilities to optimize their workflow.


Through meticulous design and development, we successfully executed the design and development of an advanced order ecommerce solution for one of Austria's largest construction companies. The solution's multi-tenant capabilities, customizable workflows, API integration, extensive product catalog management, file and image synchronization, and comprehensive order management functionalities have revolutionized the company's procurement process.

By providing employees with a user-friendly and efficient platform, the ecommerce solution has improved productivity, accuracy, and supply chain management. The ability to customize products, manage orders, initiate returns, report damages or thefts, print delivery slips with barcodes, and send orders to different warehouses or external suppliers has streamlined operations and increased overall efficiency.

This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address complex business needs. The successful implementation of the ecommerce solution has not only transformed the construction company's procurement process but has also set the foundation for future scalability and growth.

We are proud to have played a role in empowering the construction company with a cutting-edge order ecommerce solution that enhances their competitive edge in the industry. Through our collaboration, we have demonstrated the power of design and development in driving operational excellence and enabling seamless digital experiences.

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