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Form-on: First global used scaffolding marketplace platform

Our agency is proud to highlight our collaborative effort with the marketing department in developing the Form-on Marketplace, the world's first global used scaffolding marketplace platform. Working closely together, we designed and developed this innovative platform from inception to delivery. Our primary goal was to create a user-friendly and efficient online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of used scaffolding equipment worldwide, aligning with the marketing department's strategic vision.

Platform Objectives

1. Streamlined Buying and Selling

In collaboration with the marketing department, we aimed to simplify the process of buying and selling used scaffolding equipment by providing a centralized platform where users can easily list their products, browse available listings, and connect with potential buyers or sellers.

2. Global Accessibility

The Form-on Marketplace was designed to transcend geographical boundaries, allowing users from different countries and regions to engage in seamless transactions, aligning with the marketing department's global expansion goals.

3. Enhanced User Experience

Working closely with the marketing department, we prioritized creating an intuitive interface that ensures both buyers and sellers can navigate the platform effortlessly, access relevant information, and communicate effectively, aligning with the department's customer-centric approach.

4. Secure Transactions

In collaboration with the marketing department, we implemented robust security measures to protect user data and facilitate secure transactions, building trust and confidence among users while adhering to the department's commitment to user safety.


1. Research and Analysis

Together with the marketing department, we conducted comprehensive market research to gain insights into the unique challenges and requirements of the used scaffolding marketplace. This research guided us in identifying key functionalities and features that aligned with the department's strategic goals.

2. Design and User Interface

Collaborating closely with the marketing department, our design team created an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface. We focused on delivering a seamless user experience by optimizing the layout, incorporating advanced search filters, comprehensive product categorization, and detailed descriptions, while adhering to the department's brand guidelines.

3. Custom Development

Our agency and the marketing department worked hand in hand to develop the Form-on Marketplace, leveraging our combined expertise. We utilized cutting-edge web technologies to ensure scalability, performance, and security, aligning with the marketing department's objectives of a seamless user experience and global accessibility.

4. Testing and Iteration

Through collaborative efforts, we conducted rigorous testing procedures, with active involvement from the marketing department. Their valuable feedback helped us identify and rectify any bugs or usability issues, ensuring the platform met the department's objectives of a user-centric and highly functional solution.


The collaborative development of the Form-on Marketplace led to remarkable achievements:

1. Industry Leadership

The Form-on Marketplace quickly established itself as the industry leader, gaining significant market share and recognition as the go-to platform for used scaffolding equipment worldwide.

2. Seamless Transactions

The streamlined buying and selling process, coupled with advanced search capabilities and secure transaction mechanisms, facilitated efficient and hassle-free transactions, aligning with the marketing department's objectives of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Expanded Market Reach

Through the collaborative approach, the Form-on Marketplace expanded its market reach, enabling international transactions and supporting the marketing department's global expansion strategies.

4. Enhanced User Experience

The user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive product information resulted in an exceptional user experience, driving increased engagement and aligning with the marketing department's focus on customer satisfaction and retention.


Form-on Marketplace

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