Online marketing in the hydraulics industry

Roland Obermair

How to win customers in times of digitalisation.

It is no secret for a long time - electromechanical solutions are increasingly competing with fluid technology. Extensive networking and digitalisation make the use of electronic components inevitable anyway and lead to a further development of electrohydraulic systems.

In this article, we would like to show you how you can gain market advantages over your direct competitors as well as the electromechanical competition. Digital marketing on the internet can help you win new customers and open up new markets.


Online Marketing für für Hydraulikprodukte




The internet as a medium for the hydraulics industry

It is widely known that the internet is a key medium for just about every type of marketing. For over two decades, it has been the place where buying decisions are made and new customers are approached.

Your Internet presence is your business card. This is where you win customers, but you can also lose them. Everyone who is interested in your company, your products and your solutions will visit your website.

That is why it is so important to convey value at first glance and make a high-quality and professional impression.


Fit for a digital future in hydraulics - your platform on the internet

The Internet offers you a unique opportunity to present yourself as a first-class, safe and clean solution. You know: "First impressions count".

If you want to signal value, quality and technical know-how, you should set new standards in the digital age, especially with your Internet presence.

It is a great opportunity to show the world that you are also open to the digital challenges of the future and that quality is a matter of course for you.


Challenges for your internet presence in the hydraulics sector

On the Internet, the customer has the opportunity to surf at his leisure and engage with your offers without pressure in his familiar environment.

This means that your product ranges should be fully mapped and easily accessible.

A configurator developed specifically for your company and your product ranges makes it easier for your customers to access the entire range and at the same time signals that digital solutions are a matter of course for you - even if they should perhaps not yet have invested in hybrid solutions in the field of electrohydraulics - what counts is a "digital impression".


Product configurator - high-quality calculation tool for hydraulic products

Hydraulic components are often available in different versions with different connections and performance features.

If you want to sell multinationally in different markets and on all continents, the complexity of your data basis multiplies considerably.

So as far as the configurator is concerned, no standard model comes into question for you. The number of variables is simply too large.

A configurator for your hydraulic products is something that customers of technological companies simply expect. Interested parties can spend a long time here and browse your company's product ranges to their heart's content.


Configurator for hydraulic products - the living room of your platform

If this configurator functions perfectly and delivers meaningful results quickly and reliably, this alone will allow you to prevail over other competitors who have cut corners at this point and thus annoy customers with cumbersome processes and faulty data.

Your internet presence is your figurehead, your public image - but also the place where customers want to feel comfortable. Professional solutions are visited again and again - to browse and to order.


Requirements for the configurator for hydraulic products.

The requirements for the configurator can be as diverse as your product range and the areas of application of your hydraulic products.

For example, it is possible to filter out hydraulic products according to the desired performance at a very specific sea level using a specific oil depending on the oil inlet temperature and to graphically display the performance development and pressure loss.

Complicated calculations can be performed "on-the-fly", complex data sheets can be generated, downloaded and printed by your customers worldwide at the push of a button.

All this should work smoothly in different languages, taking into account different units of measurement on the respective continents (metric/imperial).

Depending on whether you have one or more responsible employees who maintain these data sets, you need a professional cross-market authorisation system to ensure that your employees in Europe do not unintentionally modify the products for the American market.

Your product configurator should react quickly to input. To do this, it is essential to work with modern web technologies.


Ihre Hydraulik-Experten

Software for the Internet - the right partner for the hydraulics industry

You can already see why it makes sense to be particularly selective when choosing your partner for these software solutions. 

Experienced developers can provide you with reliable software that is capable of responding to every wish on your part and from the customer's point of view.

If you would like to talk to us about your project, please feel free to contact us.


Cooperation between agency and in-house hydraulics specialists

When it comes to complicated calculations and the mapping of complex data structures and systems, you should release an employee with specialist knowledge of these topics.
Developers who are well versed in hydraulics work most efficiently in cooperation with your specialists.

It is also well known that there is a chronic shortage of skilled workers in the hydraulics sector, as there is still neither a dedicated course of study in this field nor an apprenticeship "hydraulics technician".

This makes it all the more important, when working on your web presence, to ensure that you work with people who both understand your industry and have a fair amount of technical understanding, and who can also draw on successful experience in the development of software solutions in the field of hydraulics.


More than just a configurator - the website for the hydraulics industry

However, your web presence should by no means consist only of a complex calculation tool. The configurator is incredibly practical for customers who already have great interest in your products.

To arouse this initial interest, you need a clean, clear and modern website that focuses on the areas of application, the advantages and the customer benefits of your products. It is important to present these aspects skilfully, elegantly and in a style that suits the hydraulics industry and appears authentic.

Your partner for your software solutions on the Internet should have enough sensitivity and technical understanding to strike the right note in terms of both colour and content.

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