A greeting from Addis Ababa to Roromedia


It is with great pleasure that we received this picture from MyHope! We are happy that our monthly support over the years is making a small contribution to the efforts of myHope, which tries to create better living conditions for children from the slum areas of Addis Ababa.

myHope wants to raise the standard of the school that many of the myhope children attend, which lacks everything: toilet facilities, drinking water, photocopiers, computers, sports materials. In addition, most families do not have access to medical care. Unfortunately, the number of people infected with HIV is very high in Ethiopia, and parents often ask for important medicines that enable them to survive. The big long-term project is a day centre for the children cared for by MyHope, with a library, sports field, shower facilities and toilets to enable the children to have better learning conditions. 


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