Romana Obermair Unveils the Second Volume of "Zeitreise durch die Musik für Kinder"

Romana Obermair Unveils the Second Volume of "Zeitreise durch die Musik für Kinder"

We are delighted to share the exciting news of the release of the second volume of "Zeitreise durch die Musik für Kinder - Romantik & Jahrhundertwende" (Time Travel through Music for Kids - Romanticism & Turn of the Century) by the talented author, Romana Obermair (Music Arrangements Peter Brugger). This captivating textbook offers children an immersive and visually enchanting journey through history, literature, and music. In addition to its engaging content, the book also features a tech-savvy twist with an accompanying quiz app and integrated music player developed by roromedia, providing an interactive and dynamic learning experience.

Let's delve into the highlights of this remarkable publication.

A Journey through History, Literature, and Music

"Zeitreise durch die Musik für Kinder" serves as a gateway for children to explore the captivating world of history, literature, and music. In this second volume, Romana Obermair skillfully weaves together these interconnected disciplines, allowing young readers to embark on an educational adventure like no other. The book immerses children in the Romantic era and the turn of the century, introducing them to influential composers, literary masterpieces, and the historical context that shaped these periods.

A Visual Feast for Young Readers

Designed with a keen eye for detail, "Zeitreise durch die Musik für Kinder" is a beautifully illustrated textbook that captivates young minds. The vibrant illustrations bring to life the historical figures, literary works, and musical compositions, making the learning experience both engaging and visually stunning. Romana Obermair's attention to aesthetic appeal ensures that children are not only educated but also inspired by the artistic elements of the book.

Interactive Learning with the Quiz App developed by roromedia

To enhance the educational experience further, an accompanying quiz app has been developed for the tech-savvy young learners. This app complements the content of the book, offering interactive quizzes that test children's knowledge and understanding of the material. Additionally, the integrated music player allows children to listen to the compositions featured in the book, fostering a deeper appreciation for the music of the Romantic era and the turn of the century.

Romana Obermair's dedication to crafting an engaging and visually appealing publication ensures that children will embark on a memorable journey through history, literature, and music. This book will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact, nurturing a lifelong passion for knowledge and artistic exploration in the hearts of young learners.

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