Embracing Shared Mobility - roromedia Sets a New Standard for Corporate Transportation

Embracing Shared Mobility - roromedia Sets a New Standard for Corporate Transportation

In a bold move towards sustainable and equitable corporate practices, the CEOs of roromedia, have made a groundbreaking decision to relinquish car ownership and rely solely on on-demand vehicle rentals. This visionary step not only aligns with the company's commitment to reducing environmental impact but also reflects a growing shift towards shared mobility as a viable alternative to the traditional company car model.

Rethinking Corporate Mobility

With the environmental damages and inequity of the existing model in mind, the concept of shared mobility holds immense promise in replacing the conventional company car. Shared mobility refers to a system where transportation resources are shared among multiple users, optimising vehicle utilisation and reducing the need for individual car ownership. By adopting this model, roromedia sets a compelling example for other businesses to follow suit.

One of the primary reasons shared mobility makes sense for corporate transportation is the concentration of economic activity in urban areas. In these bustling environments, alternative modes of transportation, such as public transit, biking, or walking, often provide efficient commuting options.

Leading by Example

Roromedia's commitment to sustainable transportation is further exemplified by the actions of Senior developer, Markus. Rain or shine, for over 15 years, he has been cycling to the office, showcasing unwavering dedication to sustainable commuting. His dedication serves as an inspiration for the entire company, reinforcing the company's values and highlighting the potential of individual choices in making a positive impact on the environment.

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