A Dynamic Impulse Lecture at University of Applied Sciences Vienna
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A Dynamic Impulse Lecture at University of Applied Sciences Vienna

Unlocking the Power of Social Media in Sales

A captivating impulse lecture on social media and new media unfolded at University of Applied Sciences Vienna, leaving a lasting impact on participants. Under the invitation of Christoph Haudek, a lecturer and trainer of the part-time Master's program "Sales Management," our CEO Roland Obermair took the stage to discuss the immense opportunities that social media presents, particularly in the realm of sales. The event sparked dynamic discussions among the enthusiastic, practically-oriented participants, delving into the exciting realm of digital sales and the potentials and risks associated with social media and emerging technologies.

As the lecture unfolded, exciting conversations emerged, uncovering the potential impact of social media and emerging technologies on the future of sales. Participants delved into topics such as personalized marketing, data-driven decision-making, and building authentic online relationships with customers. The session served as a springboard for innovative thinking, encouraging attendees to embrace the evolving digital landscape and leverage its potential to drive sales success.

With a strong focus on practical application, this engaging event equipped participants with the knowledge and inspiration to harness social media's potential and propel their sales endeavors forward in the dynamic digital landscape.

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Nine Donkeys for Ethiopia: roromedia's Charitable Christmas Project
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Nine Donkeys for Ethiopia: roromedia's Charitable Christmas Project

Continuing our tradition, roromedia has once again supported a charitable project this Christmas. Under the initiative titled "A Donkey for Progress," Caritas is running a special livestock project in Ethiopia*. We have donated one donkey for each of our nine roromedia team members to assist hardworking women in Ethiopia in improving their economic and social circumstances. This meaningful gift brings double joy!
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A Gathering of Drupal Enthusiasts - roromedia at the Drupal Iron Camp in Praque

Roromedia's presence at the Drupal Iron Camp Prague exemplifies our dedication to staying at the forefront of digital innovation. By participating in this premier Drupal event, our team has gained invaluable insights, expanded their skill sets, and reinforced our unwavering commitment to Drupal as the driving force behind transformative digital solutions.

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