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Celebrating Our New Office Space: Where Heritage Meets Modernity

A New Chapter in Linz's Main Square: Our Fusion of History and Modernity

Our new office is a striking example of how modern design can harmoniously fit in historical architecture. The building's ancient walls, steeped in history, now encase our state-of-the-art workspace, designed to foster creativity and innovation. This unique blend not only inspires our team but also signifies our commitment to bridging tradition with the cutting edge.

At the Heart of Everything

Location is key, and our new address puts us at the center of Linz’s vibrant life. With a variety of restaurants and shops just a stone's throw away, our team and clients can enjoy the best of urban convenience. Whether it's grabbing a quick lunch or a post-work gathering, everything is within reach.

Accessibility Redefined

Accessibility is paramount in today's fast-paced world, and our new location doesn't disappoint. Beneath the main square lies an underground parking facility, making commuting by car hassle-free. Moreover, the proximity to the tram line offers easy access to the main train station and beyond, ensuring that we stay well-connected not just digitally, but physically too.

A Commitment to Our Clients and Team

This move isn't just about a new address; it's about providing an enhanced experience for both our team and our clients. In this inspiring new environment, we are more equipped than ever to deliver exceptional digital solutions. Our new office not only serves as a space for work but also as a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation.

Inviting You to Visit

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we extend an invitation to our clients, partners, and friends. Come visit us at our new location in Linz's main square, where history and the future meet. Let's explore how we can create digital magic together, in a space that's as dynamic and innovative as the solutions we provide.

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Achieving Excellence in Web Application Security: Successful Completion of ÖNORM A7700 Security Audit

Achieving Excellence in Web Application Security: Successful Completion of ÖNORM A7700 Security Audit

This achievement attests to our dedication to providing a secure digital experience for our users. By meeting the stringent requirements of ÖNORM A7700, we assure our stakeholders and customers that their data is protected with the utmost diligence.
Supporting Wildlife Conservation: Our Partnership with the Local Zoo

Supporting Wildlife Conservation: Our Partnership with the Local Zoo

We believe in supporting our local community, therefore we have established a meaningful partnership with our local zoo. As part of our commitment to conservation and education we specifically support the endangered Red Panda species as the Zoo Linz is participating in the European Breeding Program for this highly endangered species.

Trusted by Leading Brands: Our Esteemed Clients

Discover the array of companies that have chosen our services. From innovative startups to industry leaders, our client gallery showcases the diverse partnerships that define our commitment to excellence. Explore now and see who’s been thriving with our solutions!

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